We come from a family of innate creatives. Our grandmother was a designer of bridal headpieces. She is one of our biggest inspirations, we feel connected to her throughout the creative process and believe our pieces, in some way, embody her taste and style.

She gave us the freedom to create; something that our mother continued to cultivate in us. They're both an inspiration to us, as creatives, as mothers, as women.

Another source of inspiration, equally as important, comes from our own experiences traveling, living abroad and exploring. Apricus is an expression of our love for freedom, craftsmanship and our relationship with the world around us. Thus, we strive to honor it in all of our practices. We are committed in creating less and creating better.

The name Apricus means 'growing in the sunshine' in Latin. We want our pieces to transport you to a holiday frame of mind and accompany you wherever life takes you.

With Apricus we want to encourage new experiences, a spirit of travel and evoke a sense of summer. We want you to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable wearing Apricus, and ultimately achieve a community of free and authentic women, who are not governed by trends.