"Apricus" means "to grow under the sun" in Latin. We are Alexia and Valeria, two sisters who have grown under the sun of Lima, but are now scattered between New York and London. Despite the 5,500 km that separate us, we share the same love for Peru and a passion: summer. We are nomads by nature, raised in a creative family, always on the move. Our clothing is a blend of these two worlds, with roots in our homeland but designed to explore the world, always where it's warm.

Our grandmother was a designer of bridal headpieces. She is one of our greatest inspirations. She gave us the freedom to create, something that our mother continued to cultivate in us. Both of them are an inspiration as creatives, as mothers, and as women. Additionally, our parents instilled in us a passion for travel from a young age. Apricus is an expression of that love for freedom, art, and our connection with the world around us.

We love that Apricus is a constant pursuit of the sun; we follow it like sunflowers wherever we go. Apricus is the suitcase we would take on those journeys, filled with dresses, skirts with prints and colors, very summer-appropriate garments, and, moreover, socially and environmentally responsible. They are produced in local workshops in Peru using natural materials such as cotton and linen.